Introducing Sue…

At Mascagni Wealth Management, after 24 years of advising women, we have found our work to be so much more than financial advice.  Although needs vary, there are similar challenges women face that may at times be difficult, even painful, but there is hope.  So we have asked Sue Templeman, recently divorced after 23 years of marriage, to share her story each week.  Sue would tell you that there’s nothing special about her; she is simply representative of the growing group of women with lives that have suddenly derailed.  She’ll relay her experiences to start a dialogue that may be helpful to you or someone you may know.  Will regrets, mistakes, and even fresh ideas emerge?  You bet.  So meet Sue… and “like us” on Facebook to follow her weekly posts to our page.

Sue Templeman
Sue Templeman

Sue Templeman is not a securities licensed individual and is not affiliated with Investacorp, Inc.

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